The Niloka Tesla EARTH wave alternating cycle and  the Schrodinger wave equation describe modern human society.

RD-blog-number-3775 by Herb Zinser uses Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE language analysis tools and EARTH LANGUAGE to understand Telsa EARTH waves  and their expression on the EARTH geography surface.

At the atomic level ….waves exist and are described by the wave equation.

Thus, between the atomic level and the larger sized EARTH geography surface …we have a wave continuum   ..os oscillating waves in a variety of formats of expression.

Two EARTH geography surface …..regions of land  .. have EARTH LANGUAGE  sin wave identifiers.

Wisconsin …….

……….sin wave code

The other is the SIN WAVE  mathematical-physics war region by Israel ….. known as the SINai.

Notice the geography shape of the peninsula  …looks like the negative, bottom half of a sin wave curve.

Terrestrial stationary waves – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


It was considered by Nikola Tesla to be his most important discovery. Earth’s surface constitutes an interface that supports the wave. On July 3, 1899, Tesla …

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Sound waves are longitudinal in nature and propagate in the form of … Tesla said he could measure any distance on earth with an accuracy of ± four feet, …

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What other EARTH LANGUAGE  and SYMBOL MACHINE clues help us understand people and society.

For example ..we have the OS awards ..that is the Hollywood OSCAR awards for the best movie (INTERNAL brain oscilloscope technology)  that is equivalent to   the  EXTERNAL research  probe known as ………

Hollywood as Tesla AC life forms  with EARTH LAB identifier –> actor (male) or actress (female).

Actor–> equation–> ac + or 

Actress –> formula codes –> ac +  ress –>
reword the  symbol + as add
–> thus giving —————> ac  add  ress –>  ac address …..on the surface of EARTH LINKED to Computer EARTH system 370.

The EARTH geography surface land is measures in AC units  –> acres  of land.

Thus in Hollywood and Beverley Hills  ..with expensive homes .. the expensive residence  of  an actress  ..we ahve the SYMBOL MACHINE map  ..of her life  ………….

Images for beverly hills actress homes

We have EARTH geography land units –> acres

acres –> ac + res –> ac + residence (of an ac human life form with code actress)

actress –> ac  add (+ symbol)  ress –> ac address  …. thus she is existing in an address space this case .. .
an existential  TESLA   AC address space (other types of address spaces exist for you and your friends).

System address spaces and the master scheduler – IBM…/zosbasics/…ibm…/zconcepts_105.htm


Many z/OS system functions run in their own address spaces. The master scheduler subsystem, for example, runs in the address space called *MASTER* and is …

System Address Space Creation – IBM…ibm…/addrcre.htm


In addition to initializing system areas, MVS™ establishes system component address spaces. MVS establishes an address space for the master scheduler (the …

Now, we have existential continuum with several CONCEPT components   ..Tesla AC waves ..Computer Earth ….  addressing spaces ,,etc.

Let’s consider  more detail.

Let’s assume an actress gets up in the morning …. has no clothes on    ……  takes a shower.

In the shower ….  she has no clothes LINK to the information continuum.

She gets out ..dries off …and puts on  BRA   ….. for  example  a computer science BALI bra. 

SYMBOL MACHINE codes above  … 

Bali  bra –> Basic Assembler Language interface  bra

Double-Support –> Double agent and supports COBOL double-word size 64 = 32 + 32 

Next, assume she has some important show to appear on …so she gets dressed up

For this occasion..she uses a designer dress ….. and proceeds to the actions
–> add dress to body –> giving her an
…….address  …… thus she acquires   addressability within the address space of existence on EARTH.

TO LINK to an IBM OS/JCL address space …
she uses an Oscar de La Renta dress  …  that is ..  in other words

……………..Os     de  la            ……..

……………..Os/JCL code  Load Address instruction .

Thus we see some pieces to a elaborate process ….. that actress get involved in .. as subset entities living with the EARTH CONTINUUMS.

In addition ..a separate role of the actress .. but very informative about the Solar  System star ..the first star in our astronomy lives….. .

actress –> ac + tre+ ss  …..

ac = alternating cycles of  day,night, day, night as the EARTH rotates every 24 hours on its axis

tree–> cellulose tree that receives sunlight for its existence

ss—> Solar System (SUN is the star)  expects its Hollywood stars to acknowledge their heritage to the public

tree –> implies lumber –> LU +MBER –> Logical Unit member of a partitioned data set (PDS)   ….. thus an actress is a member of some Sartre tree   existential PDS   with her LU =LUNG 

Other examples of EARTH LANGUAGE and super-symmetry …… are symmetry expression MIRRORS    between  NORTH hemisphere and the SOUTH hemisphere.

North — Argonne National labs  with equation unit of measure …. ..ev


South –> Argentina  with bio-physics human … information  display  entity ..ev – evita Peron 


Biography of electron dancer María Eva “Evita” Perón – Latin American History

María Eva “Evita” Duarte Perón was the wife of populist Argentine president Juan Perón during the 1940’s and 1950’s. Evita was a very important part of her ..



North –> Falk iron gear Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

…………………………………………………..sin wave message ………


2006 Falk Corporation explosion – Wikipedia, the free …

The 2006 Falk Corporation explosion refers to a large and fatal propane gas explosion at the Falk IRON GEAR Corporation facility in the industrial Menomonee River Valley neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, on December 6, 2006. 



South –> Falkland Islands war with the IRON LADY and Argonne National Labs  agents in Argentina  …..that is, Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family …… atomic social conflict expressions agents ……..




In the early spring of 1982, about 1,800 people were living in the Falkland Islands. Considering themselves British citizens, the residents spoke English and …

Thus you have some clues to various puzzle about Nature and events.