EARTH weight TON(s) VERSUS ┬áBoston’s Marathon and the bosTON Mass of Massachusetts

Rd-Blog-number-5156 by Herb Zinser reviews the EARTH weights  and measures  BATTLE in Boston.

The  tragic signaling   EVENT ..

The EARTH  heavyweight  ordered
Marathon bombings – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent, related shootings were a series of attacks and incidents which began on April 15, 2013, when two pressure …Pressure cooker bomb – ‎2013 Boston Marathon

General relationships between pressure, weight and mass
by MHP Ambaum – ‎2008 – ‎Cited by 1 – ‎Related articles
Apr 8, 2008 – Abstract. In curved geometries the hydrostatic pressure in a fluid does not equal the weight per unit area of the fluid above it. General …

Thus we have Nature’s  SYMBOL MACHINE languages and equations and formula  .. the living language that has  military officers   (ROLES and schools of thought) ..such as the military role of GENERAL ( a symbol military officer needed to defend math, physics and chemistry)  … and that role of GENERAL is then assigned by Nature to some human brain ..such as DzhoKHar Tsarnaev.

General relationships between pressure, weight and mass …

General of  pressure, weight and mass … assigned to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

To emphasize this concept of weight and pressure  ….. Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE military system  selcted the prominent equations of Boyle for a  military  DEMO on Boylston Street.

Pressure and volume relationship – Boyle’s law … › GCSE Physics
Boyle’s law. All the particles (atoms and molecules) of a substance are continually moving and so possess kinetic energy. In gases the movement of the particles … 

The above  picture keywords –> Mass and  Boyle   ..thereore the Drawin militray selection of the BATTLE site  by proper noun of Msssachusetts and  Boylston  street.
Other weight conflicts, debates,  and WARS have occurred.

Gulf of Tonkin      Resolution Vietnam War –
Find out more about the history of Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on …Videos – ‎Speeches – ‎Westmoreland on the Vietnam – ‎Prospects for Peace in Vietnam

 On August 2, 1964, the destroyer USS Maddox, while performing a
signals intelligence

patrol as part of DESOTO operations, reported being attacked by three North Vietnamese Navy torpedo boats of the 135th Torpedo Squadron.

Gulf of Tonkin      Resolution – Vietnam War 

 Gulf of Tonkin      Resolution 

to the  Carl Jung collective GROUP MIND ….lies, schemes, cover-ups….

bomb    Boston 

US Standard Mass (Weight)
in  Massachuesetts – Math is Fun
Maths Is Fun
(See Weight and Mass to find why weight and mass are different.) These are the most common measurements of mass: Ounces; Pounds; Tons …

Ton to Pounds conversion….
Metric Conversions
Ton to Pounds (t to lb) conversion calculator for Weight conversions with additional tables and formulas.Metric Tons (or Tonnes) – ‎Short Tons (US) to Pounds – ‎Tonnes to Pounds

Ton to Pounds conversion
Ton to Pounds conversion
Ton to Pounds conversion using the President LBJ equation with LB = abbrecaition for 1 pound which is equal 16 ounces

Why are Pound and Ounce Abbreviated as lb and oz…/why-are-“pound”-and-“ounce”-abbrevia
Mental Floss
Aug 6, 2013 – Most of our abbreviations for units of measurements are pretty straightforward. They are … So how do we get lb for “pound” and oz for “ounce”?

Why are Pound and Ounce Abbreviated as lb and oz
Why are Pound and Ounce Abbreviated as lb and oz

Why are EZRA  Pound and Ounce Abbreviated as LBJ and oz

Above, we have the equations code….. 

Loomis –> subset code –> Mis = Managenment  tinformation systens PRISONER of heavy thinking

May –>  subset letters = Ma  –> physics equation Force = ma

May 26 –> atomic number of the EARTH ferrous oxide iRON core

19 –> potassium atomic number 19 used by the K-channel SYMBOL communications system in the human brain 

number 945 –> right  triangle equation  numbers ….. 3,4,5    –> (9, 16, 25 )

Other     weight              battles …..

Oklahoma City bombing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Oklahoma City bombing was a domestic terrorist bomb attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995.

Timothy McVeigh(t) – ‎ ‎Alfred P. Murrah Federal

Thus in year 2015, Nature’s VIEW ……
Thus the EARTH and its ton(s) of weight and influence   …… and the year 2015   message processing region ….
centered on Hubble(ton), Wisconsin.

  • Hubbleton, Wisconsin
    Town in Wisconsin
  • Hubbleton is an unincorporated community located in the town of Milford, Jefferson County, Wisconsin, United States.
  • That is ..the HUbble(ton) wars with the murder of Harron Khan by Watertown  ,,,,,,,  the murder of Boy Scout Sam Hengel caused by Portland  field  errors   ….. routed to Port error field –> Porterfield Wisconsin.
Marinette hostage-taker was Boy Scout, › News › Wisconsin
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Nov 30, 2010 – Marinette — By all accounts, Samuel Hengel was a nice kid. … Outside Hengel’s home in Porterfield was a large sign

Hundreds Attend Wisconsin Hostage Taker’s Funeral « CBS ……/hundreds-attend-wisconsin-hostage-tak…
Dec 5, 2010 – Sophomore Samuel Hengel shot himself after police stormed a classroom at … Hengel, of Porterfield, had been holding most of the students and their … They hung up Hengel’s Boy Scout and tae kwon do uniforms and his …

  • Port of Boss in Boston
  • The Port of Boston, is a major seaport located in Boston Harbor and adjacent to the City of Boston. It is the largest port in Massachusetts as well as being one of the principal ports on the east coast of the United States.

Below Boston

The  EARTH  BOY (the Clay of the Clayton name ..his mother’s amiden name)  
 who was a BOY SCOUT from the Port of Porterfield Wisconsin
with the EARTH iron core  represneted by  the Marinette IRON shipyards


he Port of Boss in Boston  .. a region  of ELITE and SUPERIOR humans that  refuse  to communicate about REALITY matters. 

Below, Marinette ( the high school attended by Sam Hengel of  Porterfield)

Below, Boston container ship
Below, the Port of  Porterfield container ship with the body of  Sam Hengel  …..whose is going to Base 16 hexadecimal Hex’af’= 175 region of  COMPUTER  EARTH  data space. 

code –> Coffin –> Co + ff + in

–> code  Hex’ff’ = 255 = High-values   input to the Hex’AF’ = Afterlife region

Uncle Sam  and sample space WANTS Sam Hengel 
His murder equation and the 23rd Psalm –> murder –>M  + Ur + der 

M –> M-theory physics and bio-physics 

Thus code 23 and Ur –> uranium 235 and 238 signals about the Margaret Mead atomic social science murder systems approved by citizens and universities like MIT and Boston University

Thus we see the SYMBOL MACHINE wars between 2  communties ………

the  code –> Bo  (Boy Scout murder)    ..information pointerr to Bo = Boston  and their  lies  and errors regarding the Kenendy assasinations .   the TRUE NATURE of EARTH LANGUAGE  location site ….. Cape Cod(e), etc.

Thus Boston has lied about the year 63  (1963) President Kennedy assassination  ….
and those lies created the Route 29 murders in the OHMs LAW region of Virginia.

Route 29 murder case still unsolved –…/alicia-reynolds-route29murder-case-still-u…
May 12, 2014 – Along Route 29 in Culpeper
Virginia,   lies a wooden cross weathered by time, and some artificial flowers.

Below, the EARTH Language and  EARTH surface  electron continuum  with the message processing region being the EARTH geography state of VIR  –> Virginia.